*:»♥«:NOTHING:»♥«:* (niyana9587) wrote,

Some of you may wonder

some of you may wonder why you havent seen any of my entries in a while. Well, here is a perfect reason.

If you are currently on Jakel's friends list, i have removed you weather you are my friend as well or not.

I did this because someone on ehis friends list allowed him to veiw my journal. I don't know who it was, but i was not happy about it.

Everyone who was a mutual friend of ours, was removed. With the exception of Poshi and Kevin. Those 2 are the only 2. Because Poshi and Kevin Dislike Jakel almost about as much as i do.

If you have an issue with it, you can deffinetly take it up with me personally on AIM, if you can find me on there.

If not you can take it up with me on my cell phone. Catch me soon, because i am going to change the number soon too, so certain fuckers can't find me.

Like I said, if you got an issue with me removing you due to the mutual friends. Take it up with me personally.


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